MEAB bank Retail Banking offers a comprehensive range of products and services tailored to each target segment. Whether customers are looking for a car or housing loan or customers would like to sign up for a credit card or debit card plan, MEAB bank has the right solution. A customer support team and network of ATMs and branches across Lebanon ensure the best customer service. MEAB bank Retail Banking also offers customers comfort and convenience with a wide selection of e-banking services.


MEAB bank offers a variety of accounts with exceptionally competitive interest rates. To begin, MEAB bank provides customers convenience and control with instant access to their money with checking and savings accounts. MEAB bank also saves customers a trip to the bank with salary domiciliation accounts that automatically place their paychecks, pensions or other regular monthly income into a secure account. For newlyweds, MEAB bank provides wedding list accounts for monetary gifts so the customer’s family and friends can share in their celebration.

  • Current accounts
  • Savings accounts
  • Salary domiciliation accounts
  • Wedding list accounts


MEAB bank offers solutions our customers need to finance their home, car, education and other purchases with

comprehensive and convenient loan packages.

  • Housing loans
  • Car loans
  • Education loans
  • Personal loans

Credit Cards and Debit Cards

MEAB bank opens the door to the world with credit cards and debit cards that our customers can use at their choice of merchant, point of sale, or ATM machine anywhere, in Lebanon or abroad. MEAB bank offers both MasterCard and Visa credit cards and debit cards that are tailor-made to complement each customer’s lifestyle. Please feel free to contact MEAB bank’s call center at +961-1-879256 for 24/7 customer support.

  • Credit Cards
  • Visa Debit Cards

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MEAB bank offers our customers a number of other banking services including automatic bill pay. With this service, our customers have the peace of mind knowing their monthly bills, including their electricity and phone payments, are automatically paid on time with utility bill domiciliation. MEAB bank can also prepare taxes for cars and other purchases on behalf of customers. In addition, MEAB bank provides safe deposit boxes to safeguard customers’ personal effects.

  • Utility bill domiciliation (electricity, phone, mobile)
  • Tax payment services (car registration fee, value-added taxes)
  • Safe deposit boxes