Code of Conduct

Professional & Ethical Code of Conduct

Of MEAB bank s.a.l.


The professional & Ethical Code of Conduct includes a series of principles representing the ethical values, considered as ideal standards for the professional conduct, and a series of conduct qualities, each employee must possess in practice and in dealing with colleagues, customers and other stakeholders.




The bank commits to observe the highest degrees of professionalism, abiding by the right behavior, and ethics in practice. The “Professional and Ethical Code of Conduct” in our bank binds all the employees in our bank, in all their ranks and grades to exercise the best sound practices with integrity in the behavior among the employees and in all the transactions of the bank with its customers and other parties dealing with the bank.


This guide aims to determine the values and code of professional and ethical code to reach the level of excellence in practicing the banking duties. It should be noted that this guide shall not be a substitute of internal policies, work instructions, and procedures adopted in the bank.

All employees of the bank are liable to abide by this code’s clauses individually and everyone is expected to abide by the standards and values included in this code at all times.



ABC Policy

MEAB Bank and its Board of Directors are firmly committed to conducting business in full compliance with all applicable anti-bribery and corruption laws and regulations as well as in accordance with the professional and ethical standards of our industry. We make this commitment with the knowledge that corruption harms individuals and communities by undermining the rule of law and the integrity and stability of financial systems.

MEAB Bank’s management, employees, and partners recognize that the development of clear, thorough guidance regarding our anti-corruption practices is key to maintaining the trust of our clients, shareholders, regulators, and other stakeholders. For this reason, we make MEAB Bank’s Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy available on our website. We encourage all of MEAB Bank’s personnel to not only read and understand the Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy, but also to seek guidance and clarification regarding its practical application. By doing so, we remain true to our role as a leader in the banking industry and as a trusted financial partner to our clients. 




  1. Chapter One: Equality of Opportunities in Recruitment
  2. Chapter Two: Safety and Violence at Workplace
  3. Chapter Three: Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Circulars
  4. Chapter Four: Protecting Assets and Resources
  5. Chapter Five: Conflict of Interest
  6. Chapter Six: Confidential Information
  7. Chapter Seven: Vigilance and Caution towards Money Laundering and terrorism financing operations.
  8. Chapter Eight: Accuracy of records, Disclosure and Information Reporting
  9. Chapter Nine: Transparency and Equality in Dealing with Customers
  10. Chapter Ten: Media, General and Private Inquiries and Speaking in the Name of Bank
  11. Chapter Eleven: Accepting Gifts and the Relationship with MEAB bank’s Customers and Suppliers
  12. Chapter Twelve: Advertising and Promoting the Products with Integrity
  13. Chapter Thirteen: Sanctions on Employees



General principles

On whom these rules are applied?

The Ethical and professional rules are applied on all the senior management, managers and employees of the bank and its branches even if temporarily or permanently inside Lebanon or abroad.



Policies and directives

In order to spread a culture and atmosphere of integrity and ethical conduct in the bank, a series of regulatory policies and measures were formulated in order to avoid and tackle various risks resulting from operations or behaviors described as breach of trust, misappropriation of funds, or fraud, or flagrant negligence, or bad faith. The concept of these operations varies from the simple robbery to the bad conduct of the employee, to the misuse of the assets, misappropriation of funds, and submitting inaccurate financial reports (fraudulent) etc. … Each employee is responsible for reading the “Professional and Ethical Code of Conduct”, abiding by it and by any policy or complementary directive of the bank.



Code objective:

The Code aims particularly at:

* Impeding the illegal or unprofessional activities even if their intention was for the benefit of the bank.

* Adopting Whistle Blowing policy Procedure, for reporting about any form of illegal activities, or behaviors in contradiction with work ethics.

* Ensuring that all employees are treated on an equal basis concerning the methodology of professional and ethical conduct.



Consulting, Orientating and Reporting

If you have any question, or problem, or any condition in this code that was not understood, you must refer to your manager as your first resource and according to the nature of the problem or question, your manager or you may contact the human resources department or the section of legal compliance.