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MEAB bank named Energy Ambassador of the Year 2019 Award – Lebanese Institution, International Beirut Energy Forum

September 25, 2019

MEAB bank was awarded for its environmental initiatives at the 10th edition of the International Beirut Energy Forum (IBEF). It was named Energy Ambassador of the Year 2019 for the category ‘Lebanese Institution’.

IBEF has established itself as the leading forum for energy professionals in the region. In 2018, it attracted over 1300 delegates from key regional and global players, from the Central Bank of Lebanon to the European Union and the United Nations Development Programme.

A proud sponsor of the event, MEAB bank was honored to receive recognition for its investments and achievements in water and energy efficiency. Chairman of the Board Ali Hejeij shared his delight with the public when he took to the stage: “This award strengthens the high standards and core values that our bank seeks to preserve. It falls perfectly in line with the bank’s strategy for sustainable progress.”

MEAB bank won the award for providing the highest ceiling for energy and water efficiency loans in 2019. The inclusion of such environmental services is a sign of the bank’s dedication to solving one of Lebanon’s imminent threats. Ali Hejeij states that environmental degradation has become a national threat, and MEAB bank wants to encourage investment in potential solutions.

The bank remains ambitious about the future. It aims to become a pillar of innovation and modernity in the sector. When looking forward, Ali Hejeij expresses confidence and pragmatism: “We take on 2020 with the same ambition.”

Watch Ali Hejeij’s full speech and the TV press release below.

Ali Hejeij's full speech click here